Looking for a Remote Project Manager in USA

Looking for a Remote Project Manager in USA

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Responsive Translation is ranked first in the world for translation satisfaction.* We provide ISO 9001 certified translation quality in everything we do, from high-stakes testing translation to pharma/medical device translation to marketing translation. We are proud to specialize in translation and review for regulatory- and compliance-intensive industries. We offer full-service solutions for translation, translation validation and review, interpreting, recording, dubbing and websites.

A Project Manager is the link between clients and translators. He or she will be responsible for managing and coordinating the completion of all language projects based on the client’s needs.

• Manage all language projects for a single client.
• Coordinate all the project phases and organize the deadlines of each task.
• Contact the client directly to know their needs and clarify project parameters.
• Negotiate deadlines and rates with vendors.
• Establish and maintain excellent relationships with translators, editors and clients.
• Monitor and control projects status.
• Quote preparation.
• Follow up of quotes.
• Manage invoices, project finances and budgeting.
• Prepare and maintain project documentation.
• Create projects in the project management software. Keep a safe copy of the files in a clear structure of folders.
• Create invoices for clients and vendors.
• Follow the client instructions and procedures.
• Perform quality checks to ensure quality and accuracy (proofreading, QA report, final eye…).
• Field: Education.

PM's country: United States
Type of job: Freelance Remote Project Manager based in USA.
Working hours: Flexible
Our office is opened: Monday to Friday, 9 am EST-6 pm EST.
Number of clients: 1
Projects per year: 3-4 projects (each project takes a couple of months to be finished).
Around 5-6 months of work per year. Depending on the number of projects this client send us.

Additional requirements:
Essential skills and experience required:
• Excellent written and verbal English communication skills. A second foreign language is needed. (Spanish language would be great).
• University Degree (in linguistic/translation related studies)
• Minimum 2 years of professional experience in a similar position in a translation company
• Detail orientation with the ability to multitask and give priority to tasks.
• Ability to meet deadlines
• Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
• Independence in carrying out assigned tasks
• Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
• Highly-developed computer skills (MS Office, Windows, CAT tools.)
• Ability to understand the client’s needs and procedures to create a customized workflow.
• Availability to work on flexible hours depending on client's needs.