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seungjae yuk

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Korece Anadil

Muhasebe Otomotiv Bankacılık ve yatırım İşletme İnşaat Ekonomi Eğitim

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Korece Anadil  — İngilizce
  • İngilizce (ABD)
  • İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık)
  • İngilizce (Avustralya)
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Muhasebe Mimari Yıllık raporlar Tarım İşletme Bankacılık ve yatırım Sanat ve kültür

Kişisel Bilgiler

Kore, 07:07
İş deneyimi
4 yıl 6 ay
I hold a Master's degree in translation and interpretation and have worked professionally for an international trading company as an in-house translator for the past three years. I am confident that I can conduct accurate translation and interpretation in all settings, successfully maintaining meanings, flow and specific characteristics of original words. I am equally competent taking leadership of projects, working autonomously and working in a ...


Macquarie University

  • 2017
  • Avustralya
  • Yüksek Lisans
  • Translation and Interpretation

Baekseok University

  • 2007
  • Kore
  • Lisans
  • Business and International Trade

İş deneyimi

Sambo Heavy Industries.Co.,Ltd - In-house translator
2017 ila 2019 arasında
Translating a variety of material including product manuals, industrial magazines, technical information, educational materials for internal employees and clients. / Providing technical interpretation for clients and foreign engineers./ Proofread completed transcripts to identify and correct punctuation, grammatical and translation errors
freelance English teacher - instructor
2013 ila 2016 arasında
Instructed university students and office workers in areas such as listening, speaking and reading for OPIC and TOEIC. / Taught multiple classes includuing general English course and business English for high school students and adults.
HBL inc. - Translator
2012 ila 2013 arasında
Fostered relationships with overseas customers to expand customer base and enhance loyalty and retention. / Translating meeting materials such as trading agreement and product brochures


Master's Degree in Translation and Interpretation

  • 2017

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belge Master's Degree in Translation and Interpretation

Diploma of Interpreting and Translating

  • 2010

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belge Diploma of Interpreting and Translating