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Melinda Braga

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Çeviri hizmetleri

Macarca Anadil  — Rumence
  • Rumence (Romanya)

Tarım Sanat ve kültür Biyoteknoloji İşletme İnşaat Yazışma Kozmetik

Çeviri hizmetleri

Rumence  —
  • Rumence (Romanya)
Macarca Anadil

Tarım Mimari Sanat ve kültür Biyoteknoloji İnşaat Yazışma Kozmetik

Çeviri hizmetleri

İngilizce  —
  • İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık)
  • İngilizce (ABD)
Macarca Anadil

Tarım Mimari Sanat ve kültür Biyoteknoloji İnşaat Yazışma Kozmetik

Çeviri hizmetleri

İngilizce  — Rumence

Yazışma Eğitim Moda Kurgu Yiyecek ve içecekler Genel Kılavuzlar

İnceleme · 3

  • SL
    Sofía Lecot,  Go Global Consulting
    Çeviriİngilizce (Birleşik Krallık) > Macarca

    17 Haz'20

    • Önerilen
    • Önerilen
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  • MD
    Marine Dessa,  Kidz Global
    Çeviriİngilizce (ABD) > Macarca
    Pazarlama, reklam ve halkla ilişkiler

    20 Nis'20

    • Önerilen
    • Önerilen
      Son teslim tarihleri ile uyumluluk
  • DM
    Daniela Marino,  Go Global Consulting
    Çeviriİngilizce > Macarca

    16 Ara'19

    • İyi
    • Önerilen
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Kişisel Bilgiler

Romanya, Sibiu, 03:41
İş deneyimi
4 yıl 6 ay
Dependable, recognized for consistency in productivity and attendance while exhibiting a positive attitude in light of challenging situations. Exhibit exemplary work ethic and willingness to learn new processes and techniques which enhance business and team efforts. Also an enthusiastic translator, working for 4 years in this field. Exceptional customer service, organizational and communication skills with an optimistic attitude.


Friedrich Muller

  • 1997
  • Romanya
  • Lisans
  • Special psychopedagogy

İş deneyimi

OFF GRID - Administrator
2017 ila Devam ediyor arasında
Created a budget at the beginning of every year and monitored it closely. Organized and managed customer invoices and payments. Assisted with tax preparation for the company. Composed, sent, received, and distributed correspondence through letters and emails.
Freelance Translator - Freelance Translator/interpreter
2016 ila Devam ediyor arasında
Translated written and verbal communications between English and Romanian/Hungarian, Hungarian and Romanian, German and Romanian/Hungarian. Provided reviews and verifications of translation works as required, including materials created by third-party translation services. Completed backlog of written translations and entered information into digital database. Translated technical, medical, legal, personal papers, for private persons and companies.
WORLD OF CRUISE - Travel agent - translator
2015 ila 2016 arasında
Developed and implemented tailored service plans to the needs of particular clients. Evaluated the customers' needs and provided service options to meet their requirements. Translated the company's web page from German to Hungarian.
. SOCIAL CONSULTING - Database Manager - Project Base
2015 ila 2015 arasında
Created pre-implementation classes for end users to enhance the overall experience of new database systems. Evaluated industry trends to advise upper management. Developed group scheduling system for online users, reducing paper and personnel resources.
. CONSTRUCTII CAI FERATE - Quality Manager, Metrology Technician, Supply Manager
2007 ila 2011 arasında
Developed and used measurement methods and equipment to determine the dimension features of products, conform to the design features. Drafted, executed, and reviewed calibration and qualification documentation (e.g.IQ/OQ/PQ). Guaranteed scheduled maintenance takes place to prevent damage. Ensured all employees are trained and ready for adequate performances. Conferred with employees to discuss complaints and resolve issues etc.
SIMEA - Logistics Coordinator
2007 ila 2008 arasında
Directed inbound/outbound logistics operations, including warehousing activities, transportation and safety performances. Oversaw availability and allocation of completed items, supplies and materials. Resolved problems in transportation, customer issues, logistics systems and imports/exports. Supervised planners, schedulers and specialists. Worked alongside logistics management team to develop optimization levels of supply chain efficiency,service levels and overall cost.
LASEDO - Customer Assistant
1999 ila 2007 arasında
Answered customer/client requests or inquiries concerning services, products, billing, equipment, claims, andreported problem areas. Offered alternative solutions where appropriate with the objective of retaining customer's business. Identified and solved technical issues with a variety of diagnostic tools.
A.P.AP.D.D.A.S.A.D - Occupational Therapist
1997 ila 1999 arasında
Established clear goals to help patients maximize potential and independence in performing activities of daily living, including self-care, feeding and manipulation skills. Examined and evaluated patients' functional status of musculo skeletal, cardiopulmonary, in tegumentary and neuromuscular systems to identify individual needs. Prepared patient progress reports detailing goals and objectives.


Test from Smartcat

  • 2019

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belge Test from Smartcat

Historical document from German to Romanian

  • 2019

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belge Historical document from German to Romanian