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Enas Salem

Enas Salem ile iletişime geçmek için bir hesap oluşturun.

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İspanyolca  —
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Arapça Anadil

Sanat ve kültür Biyoloji İşletme Sözleşmeler ve raporlar Belgeler ve sertifikalar Eğitim Ekonomi

Çeviri hizmetleri

Arapça Anadil  — İspanyolca
  • İspanyolca (İspanya)
  • İspanyolca (Meksika)

Sanat ve kültür Biyoloji İşletme Sözleşmeler ve raporlar Kozmetik Belgeler ve sertifikalar Ekonomi

Kişisel Bilgiler

Türkiye, Istanbul
İş deneyimi
11 yıl 7 ay
Experienced Sales Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Sales, Customer
Relationship Management (CRM), Microsoft Access, and Salesforce.com. Strong operations professional with a V.Good focused in Spanish
Language and Literature from Faculty of Al-Alsun, University of Ain Shams in Cairo, Egypt.


Ain Shams University

  • 2012
  • Mısır
  • Lisans
  • License in Spanish Language and Literature

İş deneyimi

APACK Ambalaj Makine Sanayi - Export Sales Specialist
2018 ila Devam ediyor arasında
Beytturk - Sales Specialist
2018 ila 2018 arasında
Duties: - Working as a team leader of the interactive customer care team. - Working as a salesperson of our projects in the province of Yalova. - Creating sales leads and following up with the customers.
Pera Turizm - Sales Representative
2017 ila 2018 arasında
- Creating offers and programs to tourists from South Africa, Europe and the Middle East. - Booking hotels and flight tickets.
Vodafone International Services Co. - Sales Support Specialist
2012 ila 2017 arasında
Duties and responsibilities are: - Processing new sales leads - Managing the correspondence between the sales team and their clients. - Monitoring customer accounts. - Providing data and reports to help the sales team. - Answering phone calls. - Scheduling diaries. - Working at salesforce.com and CRM. - Handling emails and answering phone calls. - Scheduling diaries. - Verifying customer’s coverage.
Om ALABTAL Secondary School - Spanish Teacher
2009 ila 2012 arasında
- Creating lesson plans. - Preparing classroom activities. - Organizing teaching materials. - Evaluating student performance. - Maintaining classroom records. - Meeting with parents, teachers and other professionals, and participating in campus events.


Power of People

  • 2017

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belge Power of People

Customer Satisfaction

  • 2015

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belge Customer Satisfaction