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winnie Lin

winnie Lin ile iletişime geçmek için bir hesap oluşturun.

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Çince (geleneksel)  —
  • Çince (geleneksel, Tayvan) Anadil
  • Çince (geleneksel, Hong Kong)
  • İngilizce (Avustralya)
  • İngilizce (Kanada)
  • İngilizce (Yeni Zelanda)
  • İngilizce (ABD)
  • İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık)
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Kişisel Bilgiler

Tayvan, Taichung
Çince (geleneksel, Tayvan)
I am originally from Taiwan and  have studied overseas in Australia for over 10 years. Having the ability of being able to speak two  languages is a gift, and i would like to use this gift for some purpose, starting from here. Although my native language was Chinese I have studied Chinese in advance while i was in High school, this subject gave me the opportunity to upgrade my translation abilities. I am  looking forward to gain some translation ...



  • Avustralya
  • Graphics and Design

İş deneyimi

Baskin Robbins - Employee in Customer services
2015 ila 2016 arasında
I worked mostly part time jobs during my years of high school and Tafe, I started working since i was 15, where my first job was positioned as a customer service at Baskin Robbins. Through having multiple job experience I have learnt a lot of business knowledge and have noticed that language is a important aspect not only in business but also in our everyday life. I would like to use this gift of talent to help others in every circumstances.