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Pham Huong

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Vietnamca Anadil  — İngilizce

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İngilizce  — Vietnamca Anadil
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Kişisel Bilgiler

Vietnam, Vung tau, 15:07
İş deneyimi
15 yıl 6 ay
I am Huong Pham from Vietnam, a professional translator experienced in such domains as business/marketing, IT, web/app/game localization, legal/contract, general healthcare, HR, construction, etc. I hold bachelor's degrees in English for Science & Technology and in International Business Administration. I've been working in the translation & interpretation fields for 13 years as a full-time employee and a freelancer collaborating with internation...


Hanoi University of Science & Technology

  • 2005
  • Vietnam
  • Lisans
  • English for Science & Technology

Foreign Trade University

  • 2010
  • Vietnam
  • Lisans
  • International Business Administration

İş deneyimi

N/A - English-Vietnamese translator/interpreter
2005 ila Devam ediyor arasında
Full time and freelance translator/reviewer working with end-clients as well as world-wide translation agencies such as TranslateMedia, Gengo (acting as EN-VI Language Specialist), ICanLocalize, Verztec, Seprotec, Travod, Globaloc, etc. Covering such fields as Business/Marketing, Game/Web/App localization, Education, IT, Legal, Human resource management, Construction and General technical. Estimated total volume translated up to present time: more than 2 million words.
Strategic Marine (V) - Australian ship building company - Admin manager cum Personal Assistant to General Manager
2011 ila 2012 arasında
Main duty: managing and ensuring the smooth performance of Administration department and assisting the GM in his daily works, where communication in English and translation cum consecutive interpretation were required on daily basis. Translation and consecutive interpretation were done on various materials and topics, ranging from marketing/business, administration management, financial, technical to legal fields.
Feng Tay Group (Taiwanese sport shoes manufacturer) - Secretary of Board of Directors (BOD Secretary)
2010 ila 2010 arasında
Main duty: ensuring the compliance of the overall performance of the 02 factories under the group in Vung Tau city with Vietnamese laws, shareholders’ agreement/interest, and company regulation. Daily communication in English, translation and consecutive interpretation were done daily on such subjects as production, people management and legal compliance.
Nippon Koei (Japanese construction consulting company) - Secretary cum Interpreter
2006 ila 2010 arasında
Main duty: assisting the Team Leader and other Japanese experts in the implementation of ODA construction projects in Hanoi and HCMC. Particularly: - Interpreting in every required meetings for the packages under the Projects. Subjects ranging from construction methods, outstanding issues, cost estimates, payments, to disputes and legal matters. - Translating various documents and correspondences under the projects; - Liaising with relevant parties and competent authorities for settlement
AdPoS (German UPS manufacturer) - Assistant to the Chief Representative
2005 ila 2006 arasında
Main duty: supporting the Chief Representative for smooth performance of the Representative Office, particularly: - Translating technical documents (specification, catalogue, contract, etc.) as well as the requirements of concerning sides for mutual understanding; - Exchanging correspondences and liaising with customers; - Interpreting in the meetings with customers when needed; - Contacting potential customers for offering; doing accounting, book-keeping and other office works when nece


CV_English_Vietnamese experienced and reliable translator, 15 years

  • 2020

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