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Larissa Marum

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Kişisel Bilgiler

Brezilya, Rio de Janeiro, 03:57
Portekizce (Brezilya)
İş deneyimi
8 yıl 6 ay
Detail-oriented English to Portuguese Translator/Reviewer with 7 years of experience. Specialty areas include localization, i.e., translation of technical, IT, corporate, tourism, life sciences, marketing-related content. Demonstrated success in CAT tools and proved to be capable of thriving under deadlines and quality pressure.


University of the State of Rio de Janeiro

  • 2017
  • Brezilya
  • Languages and Literature

İş deneyimi

LocHouse Translation and DTP - Language Coordinator
2017 ila Devam ediyor arasında
• Helped trainees to get started in new assignments and to keep language quality and consistency in projects. • Managed projects receiving files from clients and reallocating them to staff and freelancers. • Developed glossaries and applied this terminology in translations according to clients preferences and feedback. • Communicated effectively with clients to solve linguistic issues regarding translations. • Compiled details from the clients accounts, freelancers fee and hours spent by staff
LocHouse Translation and DTP - Trainee
2016 ila 2017 arasında
• Achieved Language Coordinator role in 1 year inside the company. • Consulted specialized dictionaries, thesauruses and reference books to identify closest equivalents for nuanced terminology, words and phrases. • Translated and reviewed technical, IT, marketing, corporate, biology, meditation, tourism-related documents from English to Portuguese. • Used translation memory software, including Trados Studio, Xliff Editor, Google Translator Toolkit, MemoQ, Smartling etc.
Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences - Trainee
2015 ila 2016 arasında
• Proofreaded scientific papers in English to be published in the journal. • Standardized papers according to journal rules. • Verified papers layout to look for issues. • Contacted authors to solve issues regarding their paper. • Contacted printing office to solve issues regarding papers layout. • Helped editorial assistant and editor in events to promote the journal to new authors.
Bravo Studios - Trainee
2014 ila 2014 arasında
• Checked and corrected grammatical and spelling errors in diverse subtitling documents. • Used tools to proofread subtitles such as SOFTNI. • Translated and reviewed subtitles from English to Portuguese. • Translated subtitles in the tool Horse. • Used clients guidelines to make accurate changes and comply with glossaries.
Editora e Livraria Revinter - Trainee
2012 ila 2013 arasında
Revision and copy editing of medical books (EN > PT-BR). Answered calls from translators and helped head of department in preparation of texts.