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Jenn Seo

224 sözcükler

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Kişisel Bilgiler

Kore, Sejong, 09:43
İş deneyimi
12 yıl 6 ay
As an in-house translator, I've worked in various fields and departments,  working with overseas clients and vendors, for the past 10 years. 
I am very passionate about languages, so I have a good understanding of English, Chinese (plus an intermediate level of Spanish, German, and Japanese) and the rules of Korean orthography. 
Enthusiasm for translation, movies, and TV dramas made me complete a six-month course at a subtitling institution last ...


Peking University

  • 2007
  • Çin
  • Lisans
  • International relations

İş deneyimi

Benetton Korea Inc. (Fashion & Trade) - manager of trade dep.
2016 ila 2019 arasında
∙ Prepared descriptions for clothes and accessories feature details of each item ∙ Communicated with Benetton Group regarding seasonal orders and shipments, and reviewed sales contract with each vendor with vendors ∙ Managed importation of fabrics, yarns, and garments from Italy, China, etc. ∙ Imported garments and fabrics from the vendors in various Asian countries, and managing the FTA duty exemption for each country∙ Reviewed training materials about Animal Welfare Procedures
-UNHWA Co., Ltd. (Cosmeticscosmetics) - manager of managing dep.
2014 ila 2016 arasında
∙ Prepared product descriptions and ways of use for brochure ∙ Prepared sales reviews and supported for foreign subsidiaries (China, Japan, and Hong Kong) ∙ Supported PWC Project project for HK IPO projection ∙ Supported sales proposal, on-time delivery and P/O contract to Winalite ∙ Prepared new-business projection analysis and launching (business preparation with Earth Bio Tech-Pet food company in Japan)
WOOJO HIGHTECH (Chemical) - Staff of oversea's sales
2013 ila 2014 arasında
∙ Supported sales of PU panels for insulation of LNG vessel to overseas accounts(Huntsman, MHI, etc.) ∙ Supported tests of new products, product stability in overseas factories in China ∙ Created company leaflets and brochures ∙ Supported tests of new products, product stability in overseas factories in China
SILLA Company (Deep-sea fishery) - Staff of oversea's business
2012 ila 2013 arasında
∙ Tuna Cannery Project in Ghana (equipment purchase, SOP setting, Taking taking loans from TCB in Taiwan Taiwan, etc.) ∙ JVA with FCF in Taiwan ∙ Monthly Sales sales review ∙ Budget Planning for overseas business∙ Subtitle for science experiment video (characteristics of aggregates for concrete)
WisdomAsia-RisingSun Marketing & Research Consulting - freelance translator
2011 ila 2011 arasında
Translated transcripts of interviews for research (Hankook Tire FGD, LG washing machine product concept testing and toothpaste product of LG Household & Health Care, etc.
SEMPIO Food Company - Staff of global PR dep.
2009 ila 2011 arasında
∙ Prepared overseas brand PR (Shanghai/Beijing China, Alicia in Madrid, Spain) ∙ Assisted preparation for ‘Seoul gourmet festival’ which Sempio participated as a sponsor ∙ Created product leaflets and brochures, and prepared launching event of new products ∙ Published monthly newsletter (introduction of Korean foods and recipes) for Chinese clients
LG Innotek - staff of global sales and marketing
2007 ila 2008 arasında
∙ Communication among R&D center, factory (Yantai, China), and clients in European countries using English and Chinese regarding Power-supply unit for Philips TV panels ∙ Supported the preparation of sales contracts with clients ∙ Prepared company and product introduction presentation for international clients


sample translation

  • 2019

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belge sample translation

ingredients introduction

  • 2010

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belge ingredients introduction

Sempio global chef project

  • 2010

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belge Sempio global chef project