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Jee Hee Lee

1 269 sözcükler

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İngilizce  —
  • İngilizce (ABD)
  • İngilizce (Kanada)
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Korece Anadil

Sanat ve kültür Yıllık raporlar Biyoloji Biyoteknoloji Kimya Yazışma Kozmetik

Çeviri hizmetleri

Korece Anadil  — İngilizce
  • İngilizce (ABD)
  • İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık)
  • İngilizce (Avustralya)
  • İngilizce (Kanada)

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Kişisel Bilgiler

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri, Chicago, IL, 21:28
İş deneyimi
1 yıl 7 ay
Born in Korea, I came to the United States by myself when I was 14, making me fluent in both Korean and English. After studying Chemistry and Linguistics at the University of Chicago. I worked as a laboratory technician in the Wu lab of the Ben May Department for Cancer Biology at the University of Chicago. My passion lies in animal welfare and languages, I'm looking to find work in translation (English/Korean) and transcription. With backgrounds...


The University of Chicago

  • 2015
  • Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
  • Lisans
  • Chemistry, Linguistics

İş deneyimi

PAWS Chicago - Animal Caregiver
2019 ila 2019 arasında
Ensuring the housing areas are clean, organized and presentable. Animal Supplies Inventory and Cleaning supply inventory: replenish stock with adequate notice to maintain a stocked position. Animal Health & Behavior Coordinate with Manager on any changes observed and as policy directs; Managing common shelter diseases and parasites;Prepare Animals for Surgery procedures Other duties as requested or needed by supervisor
The University of Chicago - Research Specialist
2015 ila 2018 arasında
The Wu lab’s primary focus is in understanding cell migration and metastasis. The position involved maintaining cell cultures, molecular cloning, and general preparation of reagents and supplies to assist the PI, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students and/or other research professors with on-going projects.