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Hieu Tran

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İngilizce  — Vietnamca Anadil

Eğitim Pazarlama, reklam ve halkla ilişkiler Kurgu Oyun Coğrafya Tarih Felsefe

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Vietnam, Bien Hoa, 14:56
İş deneyimi
12 yıl 7 ay
"The best service one can expect with impeccable eye for detail and full of passion."

"Hieu delivered an excellent result! Very fast and top quality! Easy, friendly and professional communication. Highly recommend!! A+++ "

Look like you are here looking for ways to expand your business to the Vietnamese speaking market. And you need the translation of your products or services to get the RESULT you want. Be it: attract new customers, sell produ...


University of Economics and Law

  • 2008
  • Vietnam
  • Lisans
  • Finance And Banking

İş deneyimi

Hieu Tran - Motivational speaker - Motivational Speaker
2015 ila 2018 arasında
I am learning every meterial from the best to become an exceptional motivational speaker. That is the calling I found in my life, and I answered to. Translating documents and writing will help me become better at English so that I can do motivational speeches in both Vietnamese and English


Love letter translation- English to Vietnamese

  • 2017

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