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Andrea Sacchi

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  • İspanyolca (Arjantin) Ana dil
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Kişisel Bilgiler

Büyük Britanya ve Kuzey İrlanda Birleşik Krallığı, Ashford, 17:57
Ana dil
İspanyolca (Arjantin)
İş deneyimi
24 yıl
I am a multi-skilled and talented sworn translator with more than 20-year experience working in  blue-chip companies in financial, banking, legal and telecommunication industries. I left Argentina in 2004 spending the next 7 years in England working for J.P. Morgan. The following seven years I have lived in France, Switzerland and Spain before returning to the UK in January 2019.
I am an Associate member of CIOL in the UK


Universidad de Morón

  • 1996
  • Arjantin
  • Lisans
  • Sworn Translator

İş deneyimi

Freelance Translator @ AS Language Services - Freelance English - Spanish Translator
2017 ila Devam ediyor arasında
Latest projects:  Translation services into Spanish for an agency in Catalonia. The documents translated referred to different courses offered by London-based ITEC which provides leading international qualifications in Beauty, Complementary Therapies, Sports & Fitness and Customer Service  Proofreading of Jujol book by Ignasi de Sola-Morales  Translation of thesis for Master’s degrees in Nursing
J.P. Morgan - Bournemouth - Jr. Project Administrator for the Implementation Project Management Team
2006 ila 2012 arasında
 Greeting and hosting of prospective international new clients (client onbarding)  Interpretation and translation of J.P. Morgan presentation into English in preparation for new client’s visits  Creation of metrics reports for Project Managers and Operations experts managing new and incremental Client portfolio into J.P. Morgan  Building and designing Sales Pitch presentations, implementation and client operating models in English to corporate standard
J. P. Morgan - London - Equity Research Assistant for the Emerging Markets Research Team
2005 ila 2006 arasında
 Translation of Equity Research reports which provided investment recommendations to emerging markets multi-manager funds as well as to investment consulting clients on an industry sector or geographical region  Liaison between North America and South America teams in Banking, Oil & Gas and Media & Telecommunication industries  Interpretation services with London-based teams and companies in Latin and South America by phone or video conference
Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Argentina - In-house Translator / PA
2002 ila 2004 arasında
 Bilingual assistant to the Ambassador and the Commercial and Cultural Attaché  Interpretation during commercial and diplomatic meetings regarding new and current commercial ventures in Kuwait  Interpretation services at meetings and interviews with public calling at the embassy  Translation of financial, commercial, legal, political and technical news from south-american countries  Translation of official legal bulletins, lecture speeches, diplomatic briefs and notes
Accenture Argentina - In-house Translator
1996 ila 2002 arasında
 Sole translator assigned to Genesis Project within Telecom Argentina. Translation of proposals, manuals, presentations for the new billing, collection and telecom systems  Liaison between teams from Accenture Australia and Spain  Translation of documentation during the project rollout & maintenance stages and throughout the Business Simulations for call centres  Translation of legal and business proposals and general documentation for Accenture’s projects in different industries.
SAP - Freelance translator
2001 ila 2001 arasında
 Translation into Spanish of specific material for the “SAP Solution Telecommunication Day”
International Life Saving Federation - Americas Region - Translator and Interpreter during the International Life Saving Congresses
1996 ila 2000 arasında
 Consecutive interpretation during the international congresses on lifesaving techniques and methods to reduce drowning in Argentina as well as press presentations and discussion panels  Translation of all presentation material presented by the foreign lecturers (Netherlands, Australia and US)  Liaison between the Spanish speaking lifeguards of Central and South America and ILS representatives  Translation of material to ensure the efficient dissemination of lifesaving information
Law Firm - Bilingual Assistant
1990 ila 1991 arasında
 Translation of legal documents including petitions and applications to be sent to the different Courts  Organised and maintained all bilingual client files  Administration and clerical duties


Bachelor's degree in Translation - Diploma

  • 1996

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belge Bachelor's degree in Translation - Diploma

Official University Transcript

  • 1996

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belge Official University Transcript

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