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Petra Gnamus
Petra Gnamus
Slovenya, Ljubljana
About me
Love for languages brought me to study Translation studies. I dedicate myself fully to each and every translation project and I enjoy doing it. I am always available if you have any questions or specific requirements regarding your projects. I look forward to working with you.
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Primoz Cvenkelj
Primoz Cvenkelj
Slovenya, Bled
About me
I am a professional translator and web developer active in those fields for more than the last 10 years now. My mother tongue is Slovenian. More info on www.weblio.si My area of expertise is the IT field. I was involved with the localisation of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 into Slovene. Apart from that, I also cooperated with the group of translators localising Microsoft Office 15, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange into Slovene. These are only projects regarding the localisation of Software. On top of that I also translated numerous texts for Microsoft Support Pages, Apple Support Pages and, last but not least, Google+ Support Pages. In total I translated over 2.000.000 words into Slovene regarding the IT field. I also translated numerous texts regarding operational manuals for diffrent types of machines (Makino, Komatsu, Bosch, Stadler, Staeubli, Big Duchman, Wangen Pumpen, etc). In fact, more than half of monthly work accounts to technical translation.
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