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Sola Agboola
Sola Agboola
Nijerya, Ado Ekiti
About me
I am a freelance translator [English<>Yoruba] and a professional/trained teacher with many years of experience. I also render such other services as proofreading, editing and transcription. I always do quality jobs within reasonable deadlines. Whenever I have any work in my hands, I used to deploy all my efforts to it. So, I can work 24/7 including weekends. I possess customized Yoruba keyboard to ensure high quality work. So, I can place both the lower and upper accents on the translated text. This is a very crucial aspect of Yoruba translation because Yoruba is a highly tonal language. An added advantage is that I have 24/7 internet access. Yoruba language is spoken by tens of millions people worldwide. The native speakers are in south-western Nigeria, east of Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo and in other countries like Cuba and Brazil.
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Adejoke oluwajobi
Adejoke oluwajobi
Nijerya, Lugbe
About me
I'm a professional and talented linguist; and I offer the following services: translation, reviewing, editing, transcription, subtitling, voice over, teaching, copyrighting, interpretation, summarizing and content writing in both English (British and American) and Yoruba (any variation). I'm a certified translator by NATI and I've been working as a linguist, providing the previously mentioned services for over 7 years for a number of big organizations, companies, publishing houses and satellite channels, such as Translation without borders, One Hour Translation (USA), Translate Media (UK), Universal Language Solutions Ltd (London), Global tech creations, Neoplus Translations and other volunteer jobs. I have translated material in several fields such as: marketing, business, literature, military, medicine, education, politics, it, technical manuals, science, social media content, journalism, religion, law, sociology and psychology. I work with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, S
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