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Şuna göre sırala:
Raluca Stanculet
Raluca Stanculet
Romanya, Bucharest
I am a Romanian native translator. Since 2002, I have worked as a full-time employed translator and freelancer for various translation agencies, law firms,market research agencies, notaries public and other organizations, both from Romania and worldwide. I have two translator certificates, issued by the Romanian Ministry of Justice and the Romanian Ministry of Culture, based on which I am officially authorized to make legal and other translations from/into Romanian, English and Italian. My main areas of specialization are: Legal Business Marketing Education Information Technologies (IT) Software localization User manuals Additional fields of work include: tourism, clinical trials, environmental studies. I am a very diligent translator. I can work weekends and even holidays if a project is urgent. Also, I confirm my availability to start working on your project immediately. I have a dedicated high speed Internet connection and some of the most powerful tools capable of handling large volume projects such as Trados Studio 2014 and MemoQ. I guarantee the highest quality since I proofread all my translations cross-referencing terminology sources using an extensive library of dictionaries and technical sources. I am also a member of ProZ which draws on a vast pool of translators to help me find the most obscure terms.
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