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Paolor Faidangbriayao
Paolor Faidangbriayao
Laos Demokratik Halk Cumhuriyeti
I am a Hmong native, Lao native and fluent English freelance translators who have extensive experience of more than 14 years in various translation industries. I can handle all kinds of translation from English into Lao, Lao into English, English into Hmong, Hmong into English, Lao into Hmong and Hmong into Lao, and vice versa since 2003. Most of my clients are government agencies, International organizations and NGOs operating in Laos; and hundreds of translation incorporation throughout the world, mainly in USA, Canada, India, France, UK, China, Singapore, Japan and etc...
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Pang Kue
Pang Kue
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri, Sacramento, CA
Professional Hmong Linguist - Native Hmong - Born in Thailand - Fluent in Green and White Dialect -7 years experience in translation, editing, writing, and interpreting services - Active Hmong Community Member in USA - "Continuing to be successful doesn't end when you reach your goal, you have to keep sharpening your skills." Please contact me for high quality, accurate, and professional translation, interpreting, editing, and/or writing services. ~Premier Hmong Translation, Editing, & Writing~
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