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Arapça - Korece Düzenleme
Smartcat'in sektör lideri pazar yeri aracılığıyla çevirmen, editör ve post-editörleri seçin.
Sıralama düzeni:
Yasmin Mohy Eldin Ahmed
Yasmin Mohy Eldin Ahmed
Mısır, cairo
My name is Yasmin Mohy Eldin Ahmed . I am 22 years old . I am Egyptian . I graduated from faculty of Al Alsun_ Ain Shams University (korean department ) . I had an internship as a korean tour guide at Aswan . I also had an internship in Egypt international airport (public relations) . I had ICDL course and I am very good at Word, power point , Excel . I am Excellent at English too.
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Rana EL-Behedy
Rana EL-Behedy
Suudi Arabistan, Al-khobar
Hello there! My name is Rana and I am a student at Korea University. My major is business administration and I am currently in my third year. My native language is Arabic but I attended an International school growing up hence, I can speak English very fluently. Due to the unfortunate circumstances caused by Covid19, I am unable to travel back to Korea to continue my studies this semester. Therefore, I have a lot of free time on my hands and will accept any project I receive. I promise to submit all my projects on time because honestly, I have nothing better to do :)
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2:44 PM
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