English > French, Armenian, and (ideally Lebanese) Arabic - 400 words, for novel

English > French, Armenian, and (ideally Lebanese) Arabic - 400 words, for novel

Yayımlandı: Aug 18, 2017 11:46 Bitiş Tarihi: Aug 31, 2017 03:00

I'm looking for a literary translator to help me translate a series of short passages within a forthcoming novel (apart from the required translations, the novel is fully written).

The passages - most only a sentence or less, and quite basic in terms of their content - will need to be translated from English into a mixture of French, Armenian, and Lebanese Arabic. This is because the fictional society in this story is formed from the descendents of emigrants of these various countries, and so speaks a sort of mongrel tongue.

Although I said in the title for this advert that I require 400 words to be translated, this is the maximum: it may in fact be far less. However, as the words are scattered throughout the novel, I will take the time to collate them and discover the total word count when I have a translator in place. Nonetheless, at first glance, there may only be more like 200 words that need translating.

Obviously, I'm looking for a translator with a fairly specific range of languages, but I would be hugely grateful for anyone who can help - along with payment, you will also have your name printed in the novel as a result.

(Also, if you speak one or more of these languages, and have a friend who can do the remaining one or ones, then I would be happy to come to an arrangement involving multiple translators.)

I hope to hear from you soon.