Project manager is required

Project manager is required

Yayımlandı: Aug 16, 2017 12:20 Bitiş Tarihi: Sep 10, 2017 01:00
Dear Colleagues,
our company is selecting different candidates for an on site project management task, a contract which will last for 3 days onsite and 2 weeks for online monitoring. The applicants should be native speakers of the local language and be proficient in English.

Countries involved:
Denmark (Copenhagen), Germany (Frankfurt), UK (London), Spain (Madrid), France (Paris), Italy (Milan), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Czech Republic (Prague), China (Hong Kong), Brazil (San Paolo), Mexico (Mexico City), Turkey (Istanbul), Russia (Moscow).

The tasks include:
-to lead the project briefing and be present on site for 3 days during opening hours of a big shopping mall in the capital or a big city of each country as specified above.
-to monitor the project online for 2 weeks (1 hour per day)
-the project will take place as from September 15, exact dates are not decided yet

Further information will be provided to the selected candidates. Please send your applications (including references you might have) to: [HIDDEN] or [HIDDEN] if you live in one of the countries/cities specified above and you will be invited to do an interview online.
Please dont forget to mention in the subject of your email the country you are applying for and you rate per day. Thanks in advance.